About Me

J. Nolfo

J. Nolfo

Director of Market Research & Head Rhino, Rhino Market Research


Professionally, I provide strategic marketing and market research focused on micro-businesses, small & medium sized consumer focused companies like homebuilders, retail stores, and restaurants who want to improve their marketing plans by better understanding their customers and competitors.

I am a true believer that market research can provide the foundation of smart top line and bottom line growth through strategic planning.

The blog is generally about market research, business and the economy.  Thoughts are my own, but I do get inspired by others (and I give them credit!).  Blogs are published on Monday and Thursday mornings.  The Monday blogs are more general in theme and will tend to be more market research based.  Thursday blogs are more focused on industries I professionally cover or the economy.  However, this is not always an absolute.  If there is something you want me to write about, please let me know!

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