Are Entrepreneurs Ever Satisfied?


In today’s business world, being an entrepreneur seems to be all the rage.  It seems like a lot of people out there is either one, wants to be one, or wishes they could be one.  However, not everyone truly is an entrepreneur, even if they call themselves one.

A lot is written today about entrepreneurship.  Heck, yesterday I saw at least four articles across various LinkedIn groups about entrepreneurship including different methods of  generating new ideas and why successful entrepreneurs move quickly.  In fact, entrepreneurship is so en vogue that now there is a push for intrapreneurs in large Fortune 500 like companies (But that is a different post all together).  But in order to understand if a true entrepreneur is ever satisfied, we need to define what an entrepreneur really is. defines entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”.  Merriam-Webster defines it as “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise”.  The origin of the word comes from the Old French form of  entreprendre, literally, to undertake.  For me, I think the main theme from both definitions is the act of undertaking a risk to form, grow, and manage an organization.

So then on to are they ever satisfied?  In short, no, I do not think so.  If they were to be satisfied, then they would be managers, not entrepreneurs.

Today’s stereotypical entrepreneur is that individual who starts something and is growing that organization to a point and then starts something different.  They may continue with the first organization, but they do something else, too.

Every good business owner wants to grow their business.  I do not know of to many owners who say “I am happy with my business and do not want to change anything about it.”  But some owners moved from being an entrepreneur (the risk taker) to a manager (one keeping the status quo and plugging along, even if their business is continuing to be growing and successful).  However, that business owner that is looking at doing something dynamically new within their company to substantially increase revenue, decrease cost, increase efficiency, etc., all at potentially a great risk to their prime business is also, by my definition, an entrepreneur.

So why am I writing this?  For me, until recently, I never would have considered doing something on my own.  I am not that much of a risk taker.  However, doing so now, my eyes and mind have been open to doing things I would not have considered just a few short years ago.  Some of these ideas are because of circumstances, some because of chance, and some because I am looking at things differently today.  However, it is all because I am now open to the idea of something new and different.

So who knows, I may be starting something new (and risky) before I even realize it.

If you are an entrepreneur or know of one, what do you think?  Are entrepreneurs every really satisfied?

–J. Nolfo helps companies understand their market and customers though a variety of market research strategies. He has over ten years of experience of market research for strategic planning purposes. He is the Director of Research at Rhino Market Research. He shares his thoughts about market research and business concepts with his blog “The Rhino Crash Blog…Understanding Market Research in Business“. If you would like to discuss this blog or how J. can help you understand your market and customer needs, email him at

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