Internet Summit 12 Is Here

Internet Summit 12For regular readers of this blog, not reading something market research related on a Monday morning may seem like you have entered into the Twilight Zone.  Well, don’t fret.  Because of major conferences in the Raleigh-Durham area over the next two weeks, the blogs will be shorter and related to what I hear about the conferences.  My traditional postings will resume the week of November 19.

This week, the fifth year of Internet Summit will be held and, in my opinion, the best of the the two that I have been aware of.  Although the conference, as a whole, does not start until it Tuesday, I am already excited about it just on what I am seeing as the setup and who is talking.  You can see all the details and the agenda here, but the typically two day conference is now a full three days with the addition of Startup Summit and Preconference Intensive Workshops. Read more of this post

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