Are Leaders Made Or Born?


In last week’s posting, I wrote about the traits leaders have.  Now you may not agree with me on the traits that you would put on your list.  However, it would be hard to dispute that true leaders do not have the traits I pointed out (Integrity, Empowerment, Skills/Intelligence, Inspiring, Imaginative, Courageous).

But as I was writing that blog post, another thought came into my mind…”Are true leaders born?  Or can they learn to be leaders?”  If you Google that, 33.8 million articles are found from some sites like Forbes, but also academic, leadership, and psychological industry sites.

Again, I am talking about true leaders.  Not the people who are in a leadership role by title only or those in an authority position that could not lead an ant to a picnic, or lead a group if their life depended on it.  I am talking about a real leader.

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Traits of Leadership


One of the activities I volunteer for helps with young people learn real world tools and leadership.  This is all done under the guise of having fun and organizational structure, but is much more intentional than that.  It is a quality that so many need and, in many instances, do not possess.

Just because a person is in a position of leadership, does not necessarily mean they have it.  I have had managers in the past who were leaders by title.  However, when it came to it, they did not have the actual qualities of leadership.

So what are the qualities of a true leader?

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