Teaching What You Know


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Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk about what I do on a daily basis…market research. It was with a group of social entrepreneurs who are getting read to pitch their health based startup as finalist in the BCBS NC Health Innovation Challenge.

I was able to get the opportunity to give this talk because of my networking and my connections with one of the sponsors. Also, when I started to work on my own, I started to put myself out there to my network about opportunities I would be willing to talk (and teach) about market research and industries I am involved in.

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Public Speaking Necessary For Business (And Personal) Success

Public SpeakingIt is commonly stated that people have a greater fear of speaking in public than dying. However, in most professional’s life, doing a public speech or discussion will occur first.

I know that there have been several times where I have been in an open forum and one of the people speaking was literally terrified of speaking in group of more than just a few people. Now, I am not just talking about being extremely introverted and not being comfortable. I am talking about an extreme level of discomfort that is visable to the other participants and observers. Read more of this post

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