An Open Letter To All 200+ Million LinkedIn Users: Correctly Invite Someone To Your Network

LinkedInDear LinkedIn and All LinkedIn Users,

I am writing to you today because of a problem that I am seeing occur more and more.  For me, the problem has become more pervasive, and more of a nuisance, over the past 24 months as I have tried to proactively grow my network, not only in size, but also in quality of people both inside and outside of the industries I am involved in.

I am concerned as now that LinkedIn has grown to over 200 million users, the problem is going to be more of an issue as more people get on LinkedIn and start to use it on a regular basis.  Maybe it is because no one has educated the masses of users.  Maybe it is because some have lost any sense of off line networking and do nothing but online social media based networking.  Maybe it is because some people are just plain rude.

The issue is simple: Sending a generic request to connect on LinkedIn.

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Yes! The New LinkedIn Profiles Have Arrived!

LinkedInYes! The New LinkedIn Profiles Have Arrived!  And just in time for Christmas.  But then it could be just in time for the end of the world.

But I’m an optimist, so it’s for Christmas.

Just a week ago, LinkedIn gave us all that early Christmas present and rolled out the new profile views for everyone.  It has been in beta testing for several months.  Although I signed up for the beta test, I was not enrolled and was a little jealous of my 1st and 2nd degree connection that had the new view.  But now, we all have it.

Not on LinkedIn?  Here’s my short response.  Get on it.  In any business today, it helps you know who you know (and who they know) and it provides a platform to help others.  Yes, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn,

Now, with the new cleaner-looking profile formats, those on LinkedIn can see a number of changes that are good for those looking to better brand themselves, to expand their network and those who want to get to know their current connections better.  Not that I am going to detail all of the changes, here are a few of my favorites:

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Is Big Data The End Of Market Research?

A few weeks back, I read a great blog from Edward Appleton, a European Consumer Insights Manager at a major Multinational company based in Munich, Germany.  In the article, he lays out the case that Researchers should not worry about losing out to those doing big data and analytics.

Before we get into my thoughts of this, lets get some definitions.  According to Wikipedia, “big data is is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools.”  It usually includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly-used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process the data within a tolerable elapsed time.  Right now, the amount of actual data can range from few dozen terabytes (1000 gigabytes) to many petabytes (1,000 terabytes) of data in a single data set.

Now back to my thoughts…
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How Social Media is Effectively Changing Our Lives

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

I hope you had a great Halloween yesterday and you did not fill up on too much of the kids’ candy.  As I sit here watching a Halloween classic, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” (made in 1966), and reading through tweets and online news articles, articles about Hurricane Sandy (#Frankenstorm) and the latest political discussions, I am realizing how divergent the two really are.

Also, I am in realization that there are literally, millions of people without electricity right now.  However, even with this inconvenience, they are completely up to date on their weather, electricity status, and all that is important to them because of their smart phones and social media.

AMA Research & Strategy Summit In Review (And From Afar)

American Marketing AssociationRemember the conference that you went to that was horrible just because you were forced to go to.  Now, remember the conference that you wished you could have gone to but could not because of whatever reason.  I am sure you were disappointed and still tried to find out what happened.  Well, that happened to me last week.  Generally, I am a fan of attending a good conference just as much as the next person, especially if the conference is in Las Vegas.

Last week the AMA (American Marketing Association) had their Research & Strategy Summit in Las Vegas.  Although I was not able to attend, I know several people that did attend and closely followed their tweets, LinkedIn status updates, and blog postings.  After reading them all, I was inspired with some take-away thoughts that I know will impact how and why I do research.  Since I read many of these together, my takeaways are an amalgamation of multiple sessions and perspectives.  Therefore, they may not be all attributable to just one source or session.

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Do I Really Need Market Research If I Know My Target Market?

Exact Target MarketI was recently approached with this exact question recently by someone I really just met moment before. I was almost at a loss for words when it was presented because I was not sure if the person was joking with me or if they were serious.

Now not knowing that individual well, I said back in a joking manner “Of course or I would be out of a job!”

Although I was lighthearted in my response, I am serious about the answer I provided.

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Social Media Research…Love It Or Hate It?

Annie Pettit, PhD

Social media has grown to beyond my expectations. I have gotten to virtually meet and learn from a number of highly influential people that without Twitter and LinkedIn, I believe I may have never heard of. One of these is Annie Pettit and her The LoveStats Blog is a regular read for me.

Back in July, she wrote two blogs The Top 10 Things We Love About Social Media Research and The Top 10 Things We Hate About Social Media Research. Here they are listed next to each other. Read more of this post

Using Mobile In Market Research

Note: I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day as much as I did. Since we took the day off, so did the blog. But never fear, it was just a day delayed.

Everywhere I go, I hear more reasons of why companies and individuals need to go mobile. How you go mobile is based on you, the business and industry you are in, and the time you have available to commit to it. Read more of this post

Using LinkedIn For Business Success

LinkedInI wrote a blog a few weeks ago in which I stated that I had been on LinkedIn since December 2007. And although I was a (relatively) early adapter, my purposes for signing up for it was to keep in contact with the number of people I had worked with in past home building companies that were fleeing from the industry. I really intended it to be an up-to-date contact management system that everyone else updated their info. I was on it occasionally.

Ahhh, but how times have changed.

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What The Olympics Can Teach Us About Business

Olympic RingsI am sure many of you have had a week of Olympic excitement.  I know over the past seven days, I have enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremonies, experiencing for the first time sports that I did not even know existed, and witnessing some great finishes for the United States to win Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Read more of this post

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