Are Entrepreneurs Ever Satisfied?


In today’s business world, being an entrepreneur seems to be all the rage.  It seems like a lot of people out there is either one, wants to be one, or wishes they could be one.  However, not everyone truly is an entrepreneur, even if they call themselves one.

A lot is written today about entrepreneurship.  Heck, yesterday I saw at least four articles across various LinkedIn groups about entrepreneurship including different methods of  generating new ideas and why successful entrepreneurs move quickly.  In fact, entrepreneurship is so en vogue that now there is a push for intrapreneurs in large Fortune 500 like companies (But that is a different post all together).  But in order to understand if a true entrepreneur is ever satisfied, we need to define what an entrepreneur really is.

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Teaching What You Know


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Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk about what I do on a daily basis…market research. It was with a group of social entrepreneurs who are getting read to pitch their health based startup as finalist in the BCBS NC Health Innovation Challenge.

I was able to get the opportunity to give this talk because of my networking and my connections with one of the sponsors. Also, when I started to work on my own, I started to put myself out there to my network about opportunities I would be willing to talk (and teach) about market research and industries I am involved in.

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