Residential Construction In The News

All week long, there has been a number of stories on the evening news and in various newspapers about residential construction and real estate in the Triangle region. I feel like last weeks article from Inman News was a catalyst for all of this. But since the beginning of the month, there have been several other newsworthy events about real estate in the nation and the Triangle. Here is a list of them.House Under Construction

  • Associated Press article stating that the CEOs of some of the biggest homebuilders feel the housing market has stabilized.
  • Discussion and stories at this week’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando about most local markets improving in 2012.
  • NBC-17 story about buyers flocking to buy homes in areas with retail nearby.
  • Triangle Business Journal article about Mountain Real Estate Capital of Charlotte buying ownership of Brightleaf in Durham.

Although not directly housing related, you need to include in the mix these stories.Employment Board

  • Raleigh added 8,700 new jobs last year (TBJ article)
  • National jobless claims drop
  • January’s national unemployment rate of 8.3%(left up to interpretation, see this article).

So what does all this mean? Well, by crystal ball was recently cracked and the store I bought my last one is out of business (Shouldn’t they have seen that coming?). The real answer is “who knows” There seems to be a lot of optimism for 2012; not that there isn’t at the beginning of every other year. But the people I talk to have a good gut feel about the next 11 months. Obviously, we will not know until then, but the positive attitude certainly cannot hurt.

So…What do you think this all means?

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